Faith-Based Writing Consultancy


Helping the church (all believers in Jesus) become a viable voice in the society through writings that brings men to the Lord.


To partner with our clients in achieving their dream of writing for the faith.


PhevicPlus was set up to provide faith-based writing solutions. At PhevicPlus, we know that writing a faith work is more than grammatical prowess but also consistency of theology, unique content, clarity in communication and accuracy. We have an exceptional understanding of the art and science of writing a faith work that can defile generational transition to maintain its freshness.

We deliver to our clients in the most professional and efficient manner. Our services ranges from editing, proof-reading, content development, training to publishing. We have an unending passion and enthusiasm for what we do which enables us respond swiftly to the demands of our clients.  Turn your inspiration into prints; we take care of all.








Olufemi Ibitoye

Olufemi Ibitoye

Olufemi Ibitoye is the CEO and Lead Consultant of PhevicPlus. Olufemi is a prolific Christian writer with experience spanning in editing manuscripts, proof-reading, copy editing and also training young writers. His analytical approach to writing stands him out without diluting the message of the gospel. He has a grave understanding of language style, arrangement, content development and clarity of communication in writing. Read More>>


Olamide Olagunju

Olamide Olagunju

Olamide Olagunju is the Chief Graphics Designer  at PhevicPlus. He is a perfectionist in his field and consults for CIUCI Consulting, Real Tutors Nigeria, Marie Philips Consulting, and some other organisations. Olamide is the CEO of OlamideDesignz. Read more>>


Sefah Danquah

Sefah Danquah

Sefah Danquah  is an experienced and dymanic Ghanaian multi-media Broadcast Journalist, writer, MC and a burgeoning media entrepreneur. Sefah Danquah currently serves as the News Editor and Main News Anchor at Eezy 107.5 FM under the GN Radio Brand, one of the largest media brands in Ghana. He has previously worked with corporate organization such as the Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company Limited (Etv Ghana), Choice FM Company Limited as well as stringing for the VOA’s Africa54 once. Read More>>


Ayo Alonge

Ayo Alonge

Ayo Alonge holds  a Bachelor degree (English) from the University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University); Masters Degree (English) , University of Lagos; and a  PhD (in view) (English), University of Lagos.
Associate, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria; Associate, Institute of Customer Relationship Management; Associate, Project Management Professionals; Examiner, WAEC.